Unique Mosaic Floor completed in Horsleygate Hall by Coralie Turpin-Thomson’s

Coralie has formed the other half of this highly experienced creative artistic team.  As part of a programme of refurbishment of the house, Coralie (a local mosaic, glass, and metal Artist) has been commissioned to create a mosaic floor using the original Victorian tiles that would have been used in a property of this era.

The brief was to create a floor that was durable, practical, relevant materials used in the period, original, reflective of the nature around us and inspirational.  The area of the house to be refurbished was the downstairs toilet and cloakroom – a room that many personal guests are likely to use so we really wanted to create a stunning and unusual space. It was hard to decide on which wildlife to represent in the floor but eventually we settled on the House Martins.

The House Martins bring so much joy to us and all our visitors at Horsleygate Hall as each year they come in large numbers and build their nests, breed their young, teach them to fly before setting off on their long journeys South – and we wanted to reflect the importance of their presence around our property.

Coralie has done a hugely successful creation with the House Martin’s reflected skilfully amongst flowing blue ermine tiles, representing the sky and swooping out of the Toilet window into our amazing stained glass window created by Juliet Forrest. More of this to follow!  Coralie’s work can be seen on: www.coralieturpin.co.uk


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