Juliet Forrest’s Stained Glass Wonder Installed at Horsleygate Hall

It has been a creatively fruitful summer as Juliet Forrest has joined the artistic team that have left their mark beautifully on Horsleygate Hall.

Juliet was given a similar brief to Coralie and Jason in terms of creating a stained glass window that reflected the colours and species of flowers/plants that are in the gardens at Horsleygate Hall.  Juliet uses a special technique of painting on the glass which is the same technique used in an old stained glass window over the front door of the house. She has managed to execute a piece of work that is so magical and colourful, it is breath-taking.

It has been a real pleasure to support so many local artists and start creating a home that reflects the beauty of the landscape and wildlife around it.  Juliet’s work has been encapsulated at Abbey Glass and then fitted into a frame by Holmesfield Saw Mill. Homesfield Saw Mill is a 6th generation family business and it has been wonderful to have them working on the house again as they fitted much of the original wood work and windows over the previous century.

Juliet is a member of the prestigious  Derbyshire Artisans group and does Peak District landscapes paintings, garden botanical artwork, stained glass work and fused glass traditional kiln fired glass painting. Juliet’s artwork can be seen on: www.jjjartwork.com

Stained glass window

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