Cream Teas / Produce for sale

Afternoon Tea can be booked for a minimum of 10 people in the warmer months of the year at £35 per head. This includes the food, drink and walks around the stunning gardens. Please call or email to book your place (with a minimum of four days notice).

Afternoon Tea costs £35 per person and includes a selection of delicious sandwiches, homemade cakes and fancies, scones served with homemade preserves and clotted cream and a pot of tea including herbal teas using herbs from our kitchen garden.

Our Cream Tea costs £15 per person and includes two freshly made scones, homemade preserves and clotted cream and a pot of tea.

Our Afternoon and Cream Teas will be served in various locations around the gardens and in the Pagodas and guests are welcome to enjoy the gardens afterwards for up to 2 hours.

We aim to use as much produce as we can from the kitchen gardens and fruit trees so our guests can enjoy the tastes as well as the sights and the sounds of the beautiful gardens.

The gardens are built on gentle slopes and terraces so customers will need to have a fairly good level of mobility to access the full site. However, we will always aim to do our best to accommodate and aid any accompanied customers that are in wheelchairs, but some parts of the garden will be inaccessible due to the terrain.


cream teas
Cream Teas
Cream Teas
Cream Teas
Cream Teas

We now have available fresh homemade produce.
Please call to place an order.

Produce Available

Free-range Eggs – ½ doz – £2.20

Crumbles – £3.50
Apple and Cinnamon / Blackcurrant / Gooseberry

Jams – £3.00
Blackcurrant / Plum / Summerberry

Curds – £3.50
Plum butter / Spiced Apple Butter

Chutney – £3.00
Spiced Apple / Apple and Plum / Beetroot and Ginger

Apple and Rosemary Jelly – £3.00

Cordials – £4.00
Elderflower / Damson / Spiced Apple / Apple and Damson

Creme de Cassis – £10.00
(Intense blackcurrant liqueur)

Vinegar – £3.00
Blackcurrant / Nasturtium Vinegar / Nasturtium Capers

Chocolate brownies with raspberries – £2.00 per piece
Dorset Apple cakes – £2.00 per slice
Raspberry and Almond torte – £2.00 per piece
Blackcurrant and Almond torte – £2.00 per piece

*We can bake a large variety of cakes with at least one special ingredient from our site, these are just a few. Please ask if you want anything bespoke. We can sell whole cakes too for large groups.

Chard Gratin – £4
Rainbow Chard & Macaroni Cheese – £4.50
Chardy Cheese (think Cauliflower Cheese !) – £3.50
Chickpea, Chard & Porcini Soup – £4
Fennel and Potato Soup – £4
Chard, chick pea and brown lentil soup – £4
Chorizo, canellini bean and chard stew – £5
Braised Fennel, chilli and olives – £3.50



Seasonal fruit and veg can be purchased from the Kitchen gardens and Orchards – just ask at the house for prices.


Homemade produce
Homemade produce
Homemade produce
Homemade produce
Homemade produce
Homemade produce
Homemade produce
Homemade produce